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History of the Professionl Center


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The training center "Agroni" was established in 2004. Since the establishment  the center has developed dozens of vocational training courses producing several generations of qualified that today have their own businesses or are employed through various private companies. The center has recruited the best staff to provide theoretical and practical learning. They are part of the contingent of vocational school teachers which have already been reduced and part of the old masters and craftsmen.

In addition to the teaching staff, the center also has a support staff which deals with the administrative side. The entire staff is led by the entrepreneur Mr. Agron Dule who has considerable experience in business management and continues to increase his side of knowledge, as well as various trainings done by Albanian and foreign institutions.

Vocational Training Center "Agroni" has contacts:

  • With all construction companies and businesses that develop their activity in Fier and beyond

  • With the Fier Regional Employment Directorate

  • With the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

  • With the communes and municipalities of Fier region

  • With donors and actors working in the field of vocational training

  • Honesty and dedication are the main characteristics that accompany every activity performed in the "Agroni" Center. Each trainee is treated as a person who after finishing the course will work offering quality and guarantee for the work and money that clients pay. These values are taught to the trainees by the teachers themselves and are imposed by the structure of the functioning and organization of the center. The certificate / Diploma offered by the Center "Agroni" is a proof of theoretical classes and concrete practices that each intern has completed in the center. The teaching system is the dual system in which the trainee practices practical theory in the center and in the partner businesses of the center.

So far, the Training Center "Agroni" has developed its activity in accordance with market demands. The center during this time has been a collaborator in several projects with Swisscontact where it has been a partner for 10 years from 2004 to 2013 with the completion of the Albvet program and where the center's cabinets as well as curricula and teaching programs are funded. The Center has cooperated with UNDP for training in the courses of the center of the Roma and Egyptian community which is an example of success in their employment as well as a very important cooperation with the company Bakers Petroleum Albania Ltd in the training of residents of

Patos Marinez oil bearing areas. The center has cooperated with Terre des homes in the project of Improving the Living Conditions and Reintegration of Migrant Children in Albania. For all projects the center has received evaluation references. The center has also been active in municipal projects for training. of the Roma community and now has a collaboration with the association of Amaro Drome to train young people from the Roma community, Currently the Center is working with the project Employment Counseling-C4E funded by GIZ and implemented by Swisscontact For all areas of training are made investments for the respective laboratories, staff and curricula in accordance with the requirements and deadlines of training courses. During this time in the center are trained 2200 trainees in different professions and 60% of these trainees have opened their businesses and are employed in companies various private and state.

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